Kathryn Daszkiewicz



Kathryn Daszkiewicz spent her childhood on the north-east coast and now lives in Lincolnshire.

She has four collections, all with Shoestring Press:

  • Cold Harbour
  • A Book of Follies
  • Taking Flight
  • In The Dangerous Cloakroom

Kathryn’s work has been published in many literary magazines, including The Rialto, Mslexia, Orbis, High Window, The Bow-Wow Shop and New Walk.

Kathryn was profiled as one of Lincolnshire's Living Poets by The Lincolnite. She is also a Featured Poet in the Special Collection of the Lincoln University Archive.

She is listed online at Poetry International and Poetry Pf.


Cold Harbour

Shoestring Press

The Book of Follies

Shoestring Press

Taking Flight

Shoestring Press

In The Dangerous Cloakroom

Shoestring Press

Quartet: The Four Seasons


Avalanche Books

Spring of the Muses


Avalanche Books

Something Happens, Sometimes Here


Five Leaves


Poetry Collections

Cold Harbour

  • Harm and the Man
  • The Greenwood Speaks: Twelve Trees of Ogham - Hazel
  • The Greenwood Speaks: Twelve Trees of Ogham - Rowan

A Book of Follies

  • The Secret Life of Houses
  • The Book of Follies

Taking Flight

  • Paleontology - I. Blue Lias
  • Paleontology - III. Xenoliths
  • Paleontology - VI. Ammonites

In The Dangerous Cloakroom

  • Wedding Day
  • The Pond

Other Publications

New Walk

Issue 9
  • Kingfisher on the Witham

Grey Hen Press

No Space But Their Own (2010)
  • Kingfisher
A Twist of Malice (2008)
  • Black Sheep

The High Window Press

Issue 14
  • Ginnel: A Sequence


Kathryn Daszkiewicz is a poet of understatement and almost scalpel-like precision. Her poems have the impact of a moment of silence in a grand symphony, the hint of a memory or an idea stirring unreachably at the back of the mind.

Neil Fulwood

Everybody's Reviewing

The awareness, indeed constant presence, of the natural world in this collection manifests as a palette of bright colours, but the dark ground on which they are enamelled is what gives it depth and heft.

Sheenagh Pugh


Daszkiewicz's skill with metaphoric deatail is equally pronounced in the many poems in the collection "A Book of Follies" which begin in engagements with the natural world - walking rural places or urban borders... A poet with a heightened sense of the world of flora and fauna...

Tony Roberts

Stand Magazine

As we read her poems we squint and blink through smoke to discern the edges, to tell the cat from the air, woman from hotel, deception from intent – to tell a folly from what a folly pretends to be. Daszkiewicz’s collection does not merely suggest purpose and depth. It is purpose, the cutting precision of her words betraying interiors far more alive than we first expected.

Jei Degenhardt

PN Review

[Daskiewicz] has the confidence to stand back from the personal and write about the natural world with a concentration and attention that allows the folly-linked poems to inhabit a wider context.

D. A. Prince

London Grip


Kathryn is available for readings or workshops. Please enquire using the form, or email directly.

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